The Hodgepodge Solution

WinterWelcome to a Sunday morning hodgepodge.

As my mind is a bit scattered today (think: spilled marbles in a pitch black room full of rocking chairs), I have decided to surrender to this chaotic state. Below is a list of tidbits of varying importance that are neither grand enough nor lucid enough to deserve a post all of their own.

Feel free to pick and choose as you will, tossing out the crap as you stumble upon it.

1.) I have officially decided upon a name for the Six Brothers project! As a bit of a treasure hunt, you can find it at my newly refurbished Cora Douglas Sands site (the penname I’ll be using for my historical romance). “Look in the trees,” is my final advice to you….

2.) As the above is silly, childish and probably a bit pompous (at least my dog tells me it is), I will of course reveal the title to you tomorrow. I will then retire the “Six Brothers project” tag officially.

3.) After just finishing reading the life story of Mary Silliman (Revolutionary War wife, mother, daughter, diarist), I am most certain that I wouldn’t have survived back then. Nope. Dead in the Hudson River I would be.

4.) As the above is rather morose (according to my dog who wholeheartedly agrees with me but thinks I should put it in less hopeless terms), let me correct. After long years of struggle, strife, valiant effort but messy loss, I would have no doubt slipped through the ice on the Hudson River and drowned in frigid misery… Yeah, that sounds worse. Scrap that and revert back to #3.

5.) Psychiatrist appointment Tuesday. Can I hear a “Huzzah!” (Revolutionary War-speak for “Freaking hooray!”) My dog, meanwhile, simply grumbles a “Thank God.”

Until tomorrow…



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