A Prejudice, However Small

human-skeletonIt had to happen sooner or later.

“The Six Brothers project” was an ungainly mouthful to call my big splash (note confidence, here) into mainstream romance.

Apart from the fact that it sounded like a spoof of the 1954 musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” (lumberjacks dancing is not the visual I’m going for with this book), it was just plain boring… Unless, of course, you were of an erotica reader’s mindset and, well, that visual at least was a lot more entertaining to think about (not to mention potentially spraining).

Anyhow, as I announced to the Sunday morning crowd yesterday, the official title has been chosen! And here, ladies and gents, is its blog debut…

The Hushing Days

by Cora Douglas Sands

Two notes, if you please.

1.) I’ve decided to publish this under a new penname. As sad as it is to admit, there is still a lot of prejudice toward authors of gay romance. Some readers and some publishers will immediately shy away from writers of such works. It is an ugly reality. As this is my one and only career, the only hope I have of becoming truly financially independent one day, I must give this my best shot.

2.) While my penname will be different, I am NOT separating Chloe from Cora. I will happily and proudly tell all who ask the genre of this author’s birth (as evidenced, I believe, by this very blog). This is not a dirty secret, it is not a penised skeleton in the closet, it is simply a career strategy. Be it Chloe or Cora, this girl, alas, must eat.

In the coming days, the reasoning behind this title will become clear. (Not trying to be all mysterious here, just don’t want today’s post to go too long.)

I sincerely hope I have your approval for both title and penname. They would mean the world to me.

Until tomorrow…



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