The 1K Battle Plan

SafetyStrategy time.

After receiving a glowing report from my psychiatrist yesterday, and with all the Christmas hub-bub well into the past, it is time to get some measurable work done. The couple hundred words per day I’ve scraped together the last two weeks is simply NOT going to cut it.

With my self-imposed April deadline picking up frightening speed and bruising bulk on its approach, the time for just “fiddling” with The Hushing Days (remember this is the new and official title to the Six Brothers project) is over and done.

From here on out, I’m aiming at putting down 1,000 words per day.

*the four-legged, furry muse slips her resignation letter onto the keyboard and walks away*

Despite the drama queen now packing her toys, I will bravely soldier on. (She can’t reach her treats. And she ain’t leaving without her treats, trust me.)

So, in the upcoming days, weeks, and months expect frequent reports on the 1K Battle Plan. Successes and failures will be admitted to freely (though I will try to limit the dwelling on failures to a psychiatrist-recommended level.)

Wish me well. It could get ugly in here.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe and the drama queen


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