Red Flag Warning

CabinI’d like to pause this morning to share a wee-little confession with you.

It is a truth that occurred to me just yesterday afternoon. And while it is hardly earth-shattering, it is rather momentum-changing… at least for me, it is.

Alrighty-then. Drumroll or dirge, if you please…


It almost got me.

While I’ve been working my little misfiring brain out this last week, I have failed to leave my house.

Now, this does not include trips into my garden or walks around the neighborhood. No, I had not yet reached the point of the true hermit. I had only not gotten into my car and driven anywhere.

Admittedly this would be considered a vacation for most. Unfortunately, it is nothing but a Red Flag, Warners-On Event for me.

I have to work very hard not to “hide” from parts of this world. A panic disorder is much easier to deal with when no grocery stores, no restaurants, no gas stations are in the picture…. See, it does make a sort of sad sense.

And while this was by no means a conscious cowering in my hidey-hole, I guess that’s what it turned out to be.

My bad.

So, to rally my mental stability, work on The Hushing Days will be delayed this morning by a trip to get breakfast.  Perhaps, a quick jaunt to the drug store will be on the cards as well.

Whew! That was close.

But all kidding aside, sometimes my life is so off-center that it is very embarrassing…

Hence, here lies my confession.

Until tomorrow…



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