Linear Survival

Drawing CompassesWith the “Avoid Hermit” scratched off of my to-do list, I turn back to saner tasks today.

*pauses while people quickly glance over yesterday’s blog and satisfy themselves that their blogger is still on the good side of rational*

Thursday, I took the step of printing out all my work to date on The Hushing Days. It was surprisingly bulkier than I had expected. Yes, I knew the word count already, but seeing all that work piled up into an impressive stack of paper gave me a nice rush of accomplishment. (Try it sometime when your morale needs a boost.)

As any of you curious enough to have checked know, the “Cora’s Garden” blog will in fact debut next week, not this week. I’m not terribly surprised by this, but I am disappointed. (Ego docked by at least 10 points by this failure… Yes, of course, I keep score. Doesn’t everyone? *chuckles*)

Anyhow work on the gardening blog has taught me one thing. I have learned how to make a nifty table with Microsoft Word… with 144 seeds/seedlings to keep track of in my office window, a diagram/table/chart really is key. (I refuse to allow the misplacing of a Zinnia amongst the Cornflowers to be what finally knocks me off the edge of sanity. It really is as simple as that.)

Alright, that’s enough babbling at you today.

Carry on with your Fridays, everyone.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the “I’m not a hermit yet” girl


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