Seeds Hitting the Dirt

Well, it’s finally up! My much ballyhooed “Cora’s Garden” blog is now up and running (ok, sputtering colorfully, let’s say).
I do hope you take a chance and follow. It’s going to be fun… well, at least, I can promise it will be memorable.
Until tomorrow…

Cora's Garden

orange-tulipIt’s as simple as that really.

No need to overthink it.

No need to obsess.

Seeds hit the dirt and grow. The end… or should I say the beginning? Oh, whatever.

The point is that growing something in the earth (or in little, tee-tiny pockets of jazzed-up earth from Burpee’s) has been going on since way before Adam lost that rib.

A reasonably intelligent (Masters in Art History from FSU, thank you very much), borderline sane (60mg of Prozac a day for chronic panic disorder, baby!), up and coming author of 17 genre romances should be able to do a little gardening for herself, right?


Add to that the fact that my available gardening space is the size of an overfed stamp…

Mix in the hard reality of trying to break into mainstream historical romance with a monstrously greedy, Revolutionary War-era drama in-progress…

And multiply all by…

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