Beware the Keyhole

keys-01I do little in small measures.

Case in point: Starting a gardening blog under a new penname. (I speak of “Cora’s Garden,” of course, which finally had its first posting yesterday afternoon.)

Reading the opening post, the effort on my part seems to be minimal. Writing, after all, is what I do for a living. So, no sweat, right?


Do I stop with a simple blog?


Of course the crap not.

I’ve got “Garden Players” pages.

I’ve got planting charts sitting on my laptop that I have no clue how to get onto a website.

Instead of a handful of seeds in a few pots, I’ve got 144 seeds going in 144 little Burpee dirt pods.

In the grand scheme of things, I know all this effort will not matter. If The Hushing Days does get sold and published under the Cora Douglas Sands name, no one will probably give a rat’s behind about the “little” gardening blog that was meant to get the Cora Sands name “out there.” It’s all probably a monumental waste of time.


I don’t do things half-way.  I give every writing/publishing project my gosh-darn all. And if that means running myself to the ground cataloging the lives of 144 little seeds in my office window to sell one more book, I’ll do it.


I may end up stuffed into a pauper’s grave with nary a cent to her burned out brain, but this pauper will have given it her all.

Until tomorrow…


Post-Note: Please pardon this post. Self-doubt came-a-calling and I let him in… Alas, you can see some ugly, badly-written things when you peek in through my keyhole.


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