Romancing the Moons

stockvault-moon137115For anyone expecting either: a.) astronomical chit-chat over Fig and Gruyere Bagels, or b.) a heated debate on the state of astrological horoscopes today, you are excused from this morning’s blog. Have a lovely Sunday.

For those of you who remain, here’s a spot of homespun literary theory for you. (Again, the exits are well-marked. No need to crowd. *smirks*)

As The Hushing Days continues to move on at a steady clip of 800 words a day, I’ve noticed something of interest of late. I thought I’d share and let you decide whether it’s just more Chloe hogwash or perhaps something a tad bit useful.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the “minor” characters orbiting the big six (the three chief love affairs in the novel). As this is a story centered on one family of six brothers, almost all of the “moons” know each other very well. I’ve found myself carefully weaving their relationships with each other, in hopes of further cementing the inevitable bonds between their respective majors.

Putting it another, and hopefully clearer, way… If the moons of Jupiter clash and dance constantly with the moons of Saturn, then Jupiter and Saturn “getting it on” is not only more believable, it is more dynamic.


*wipes nervous sweat from brow and eyes the exit doors herself*

Well, it made sense in my mind.

Let’s just call this a blog hiccup and move on with our lives, ok?

Until tomorrow…



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