Surrender Envy

SONY DSCI’m afraid it’s one of those mornings when the imagination fails me. In fact, I fear it has deserted me altogether.

*sighs pitifully at the white screen and its all too pushy cursor blinking… blinking… BLINKING*

Retreat would probably be the better part of valor at this point, but I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. Whether that makes me stupid, brave or simply masochistic is a question for my psychiatrist to address, so I’ll just let that inquiry lie there for now.

But please, feel free to ponder on it as you will. I’m sure it would make quite interesting fodder for those oddball characters every really good story needs.

*sighs pitifully at the mostly still white screen… considers digging the blinking-blinking-BLINKING cursor out of the monitor with a spork*

Alright, perhaps a little retreat isn’t such a bad thing after all?

Maybe I should just fall back, re-gather my troops and freshly storm the blogging world tomorrow?

*”Too late,” the irascible muse at my side grumbles miserably. “We’re committed and it’s a freaking bloodbath.”*

How true.

Be sure to scrape the needless carnage off of your shoes as you depart (i.e. run like hell.)

Good day.

Until tomorrow…



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