God’s Amusement

young happy girl plays with a snowWhile most celebrate such life events as engagements, weddings, births, windfalls of career and love, I celebrate removal and streaker-avoidance. How silly is that?

*a stray chuckle of thunder rolls from the heavens as even God snickers at the life He has created for me*

Two years ago today, a doctor yanked my troublesome uterus out of me.

Apart from assuring that I did not accidentally spawn, the hysterectomy gave me a fresh lease on life. My mind and all its quirks and hiccups could once again take center stage in the comedy that is my very strange existence. (Think of my uterus as a poorly endowed streaker running across the stage of one Shakespeare’s lesser known comedies. A distraction from the lameness, yes. But nobody needs to see that kind of ugly in motion.)

Today I celebrate that singular removal from my stage.

Even God must have His amusements. And I am blessed to be one.

Until tomorrow…

A very grateful Chloe


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