Disco Dreams Die Hard

stockvault-spinning-disco-lamp-abstract133367Since my organizational dreams went the way of disco, I am left this Monday morning with a certified mess.

Beginning, ending, climactic, post-climactic, fluffy and cry-me-a-river angsty scenes are crammed onto the front and backs of a handful of notebook papers. Written in tee-tiny, wee-itty-bitty handwritten scrawl there isn’t a label, a tag or a direction in sight.

Half the scenes I don’t even remember writing. Reading through them, I’m as surprised as hopefully my audience-to-be will be with what happens next.

While I couldn’t quite call it stream of conscious scene-dabbling (since all scenes do stick to The Hushing Days outline, not scattering like buckshot like my imagination tends to do), the whole collection is probably a hungry, masochistic psych-student’s dream. Talk about a thesis, baby!…

Ok, enough complaining. Time to get to work.


Until tomorrow…


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