A Gently Numbered Gathering

stockvault-numbers-on-the-wall97865Welcome to the monthly Chloe Catch-All!

That’s right. The tidbits and knick-knacks and “never you mind’s” of my writing life have arrived for your reading pleasure. They are numbered so you can dispense with their worthlessness in an orderly fashion.

Enjoy… or at least struggle through bravely.

1.) Daily word count on The Hushing Days is again rising to acceptable levels. While I’m still scraping the “Writer’s Muck” off of my shoes, the outlook for my first mainstream romance novel being done in April is looking a lot brighter.

2.) While I’m no longer considering whacking Leo (brother #6) from the whole story, I’m straining to find a connection with the gunsmith-ing lad. Perhaps my threat to erase him from all existence is souring our relationship?

3.) The battle of writing styles continues. Wordy versus brief. Dickens versus Hemingway. I’m trying for a marriage of the two but both sides are still putting up impressive fights. Things could get bloody before this is over.

4.) Catchers and pitchers have begun reporting to Spring Training camps! Baseball is so close I can smell the burn on the homerun bat! (I always write much better ensconced in baseball season. So this a very good thing.)

5.) I’m in the final stages of contracting out five of my novels for republishing with Riverdale Ave. Books! Yeah!!

6.) Alright, I really can’t think of a #6 right now, so I’ll simply sign off for today. Thank you for dropping by.

Until tomorrow…



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