Over My Head

stockvault-greens-isolated126109On a morning when the first words formed in your freshly awakened mind are, “Holy crap. I’m glad that’s over,” I welcome you to my Monday.

Seeing as how the sun is still cowering below the horizon (no doubt, word about my weird, comically pathetic nightmares reached the heavens as well), I’m having rather low expectations for the day.

Oh well, let’s cowboy things up and get on with it.

*yanks a “Brave Face” over my head…*

*tries not to hyperventilate as the claustrophobia storms in…*

*fails… panics… rips the stupid thing off and shoves it into the crisper drawer with that old, forgotten head of lettuce currently birthing toes and a tongue*

Yeah, um, that was unpleasant.

Since, at this point, I’ve probably lost 99.97% of my reading audience (thank you, Mom, for always staying), I think I’ll end this here.

Wish me survival.

Until tomorrow…


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