Gray Strokes

Here’s the newest post on my penname’s weekly garden blog. Enjoy!

Cora's Garden

Chive 2 Chive blossom in front of tomato cages… 3/1/15

For a week in which the sun did not choose to shine for a single day, I have little to report from my burgeoning garden.

Everything has seemed to enter a state of limbo. These little guys are well aware that they are in Florida… the SUNSHINE state. They simply refuse to do more than sit and sulk until the skies once again turn blue.

Fortunately, the deck plants that have to battle every little thing winter throws at them, are not so melancholy (i.e. stuck up). I have chives, snapdragons, pansies and a dianthus in bloom. So, I thought I’d share a few snapshots of them just to get us through the bleaks.

A word about my photographic skill… I have none.

Calling me an amateur would be gratuitous. After 7 months of having my IPhone, I have just figured out how to…

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