My Protagonist, My Stranger

stockvault-walking-in-the-rain108560Show of hands everyone. Do you know what’s weird?

(Anybody who has the word “Chloe” on the tips of their tongues can put their hands down right now. Geez.)

The weirdness I speak of is literary in nature.

(See? So minds out of the “She so crazy” gutter, everyone. Thank you.)

As I’m slowly but surely approaching the halfway point in writing The Hushing Days, I’ve come to the stark realization that one of the major characters and I are still virtual strangers.

While I may know the woman’s history inside and out, may understand her motivations, fears and dreams, there is no kinship between us yet. I could pass the woman on the street and not even recognize one of my chief protagonists.

Is this troubling?

I can’t decide.

After all, there is still thousands upon thousands words yet to be written. Plenty of time to the sisterly bonding-thing.


I can’t help wondering if the bonding-thing is necessary to write a successful character?


I’ll have to think on that for a while.

Meanwhile, carry on with your Sundays, my friends.

Until tomorrow…



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