Literary Lollipops, Aisle Three

stockvault-sweet-fruits115083These days, I’m finding myself a little like a kid in the candy store with the writing of The Hushing Days.

(Yep. Candy store metaphor/analogy for you today. Embrace the sweet tooth, everyone.)

Allow me to explain.

All the previous novels I have written and had published were in the m/m romance genre… a fantastic genre that accepted me and my quirky characters with open arms. I loved it.

However, its scope was a bit limiting. With 50K words to work with, I had two protagonists, one antagonist and perhaps, maybe, one supporting character I could squish in there…Please liken this to the candy aisle at your local Krogers. An enjoyable selection that a sweet aficionado could live off quite happily for several years, but when you’re in the mood for a Hungarian Szaloncukor, you’re just out of luck.


When you jack up that word count to 70K to 100K and throw in the utterly ginormous tag of “mainstream” to the lot, you’ve got yourself a fully-stocked, top of the line, confectionary store of characters from which to pick and choose.

It’s glorious!

I’ve got supporting characters out the kazoo. Every exotic flavor of protagonist is available. And the supporting character aisle is to die for!

I had no idea.

I believe I may grow portly in this new wonderland of sweets.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: The Szaloncukor are on aisle 11.


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