Issue of Steam

Old Steam LocomotiveNo. This is not a posting about…

a.) the gaming platform (which I will sheepishly admit to never hearing about until this morning and a Google search)

b.) the vapor to which water is converted given the proper amount of heat (and that’s as scientific as this girl’s getting)

c.) or Steampunk (a genre which intimidates me to my very core)

So, if there’s anybody left out there, here’s what this blog is about…

a.) sex

b.) sex

c.) sex

It really is as simple as that.

In writing The Hushing Days (my Revolutionary War-era, mainstream romance) the issue of sex has now raised its inquisitive and quite eager head.

Make no mistake, late Colonials certainly had sex (and plenty of it).

However, naked, hot and heavy, “insert A into slot B”, pre-marital “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am” was not an option on the table on the first, second, third dates. It just wasn’t. (Unless there was money exchanged or a certain amount of looseness involved that really doesn’t mesh well with the whole sprawling romance kind of a jive I’m going for in The Hushing Days.)

So, what is an author whose past novels flirted mighty heavily with the erotica-line to do?

My answer? Jack up the boiling point. Just crank up the amount of heat needed to reach that orgasmic boil.

Yeah, ok, I can defy a little science.

No problem.

I failed Chemistry spectacularly my freshman year in college, this should be a piece of cake.

No sweat…

Wait. Sweat is allowed, just not steam, right?


Crap. This might be a teensy bit harder than I first thought.

Until tomorrow…



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