Tarp Ready

stockvault-old-french-house132400Please, allow me this one final emotional hiccup before getting back to our joint passion of writing.

I felt yesterday’s pity party needed a little cleaning up before it can be put behind us, covered with a tarp and forgotten about like that 9th grade science project currently rotting in your parents’ garage.

Despite the tenuous state of my Prozac glaze yesterday, Sunday turned out to be a very good day.

In short: I recovered.

It is this recovery; it is this ability to recover that I must focus on.

Years ago, this ability was as foreign to me as a daytrip to Mars. While a Martian weekend is still out of reach, a “Pleasant Valley Sunday” is not.

That is the point.

There. All done. We’re ready for that tarp now.

Until tomorrow…



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