A Feathered Faith

birdhouse-02(Metaphors ahead. Prepare yourselves.)

Faith comes in many different feathers.  It is not one simple condor that sweeps you up and carries you to heaven on its back.

No, faith is a flock of birds, each with its own bone structure, wing breadth and song.  For example…

a.) The BIG faith (i.e. God and the ever-after):  Although I’m sure Biblical scholars would argue that this bird should be a dove, my BIG faith is more bald eagle-ish. Elusive at first, but once sighted glorious to behold. I cling to this fellow’s back every day, just closing my eyes and holding on for dear life.

b.) Career path faith: I know I am meant to be a writer. It is as certain to me as the seagulls squawking noisily over the shore. Whenever I start to doubt, I simply need to look toward the sea.

c.) Success faith: Whether or not I will ever succeed financially as a writer is as foreign to me as an Asian Crested Ibis. I’ve seen pretty pictures of this fellow but have as of yet to catch glimpse of him myself. I keep looking though. In fact, I believe my field binoculars have melded with my face. It’s not a pretty picture to be sure, but I and my muse search on.

To end, I’d like to say that I have no idea where this posting came from. I simply started to write and wrote.

Hmm… I fear my stream of consciousness is a little different than most folks’. Apologies for that.

Until tomorrow…


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