The Spider Web Plots

Spider WebBeyond the silk ribbons, the heavy-duty worsted yarns and the strands of brightly colored floss, a really good novel usually has at least one more goody weaved into its tapestry.

Guesses, anyone?

(In my case with a furry, four-legged muse constantly on the job, a dog hair or two can be expected in the mix. But since most authors don’t have fuzzy-faced muses with big attitudes and bigger hearts breathing down their necks, we’ll overlook that component for today.)

While I suppose there are many correct answers to the question, my favorite answer is this…

Spider webs.

Frighteningly strong, eerily transparent threads that can disappear into the story with remarkable ease, the Spider Web Plots are the surprises waiting behind the door for your readers.

The antagonist’s storyline does not always have to be obvious. It does not need to be identifiable, nor does it need to offer contrast. Sometimes the best plotline is the one that is not seen until the end, until its spider crawls up on your pretty finished tapestry and sneers a sinister “Boo!”

Keep this in mind while you weave, dear authors.

Until tomorrow…



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