Looking Under the Begonia

stockvault-easter-rabbits98697(Dealing with both a headache and a dog who decided the household (i.e. me) had to be up and operational at 5:30am. This canine in question is now sound asleep while I am obviously NOT. So, if this post has no redeeming value whatsoever, please blame the dog. Thank you.)

Found myself a bit of an Easter egg yesterday.

No, not the gaily painted, hard-boiled variety left behind by giant bunnies. I’m talking the kind that programmers often hide in their digital wares.

For example, clicking 18 times on the eastern-most begonia in scene 343 of the DragonWars video game will get you a blooper reel from the game designer’s senior prom. We’re talking that kind of value here, folks.

So, I was busy scoping out my next project Thursday, a novel I’m thinking will stick to the same Revolutionary War-era vibe I’ve got going in The Hushing Days, when “Surprise!” I found a sparkling gem of an obscure fact that will make one of my more troublesome Hushing Days’ ladies finally pop from the page.

This is a good thing.

This is an unexpected thing.

No giant bunny could have brought anything better.

Look for Easter eggs wherever you go, dear writers. The big Programmer in the Sky has got them hidden everywhere.

Until tomorrow…


POST NOTE: The 18-click-begonia-thing is merely a hiccup of my imagination. Again, blame the dog.


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