The “Magic Hose” Plot

Rusty Faucet HandleIt wasn’t planned.

Let’s get that out of the way right now. There should be no misconceptions about that.

There should be no “Bravo!”s, no boxes of candies laid adoringly at my feet. Cancel the skywriters and send the Goodyear blimp merrily on its way…

Don’t worry. These admonitions are not for you. They’re for me.

Yeppers. I can get rather full of myself when something really brilliant pops out of my writing process… Alright, maybe “brilliant” is a bit of an overstatement, too. Sorry… “Think meek, Chloe. Think meek.”

Anyhow, before I hurt something trying not to brag, let me tell you about the goody I found.

You know those garden hoses you see advertised on TV that can fit in your pocket? Those that are all shriveled up and prunish until there’s water flowing through and “Whammo!” it’s a full-sized hose?

Well, I’ve got one of those in The Hushing Days.

One of the three major storylines in my historical romance, the storyline that has been patiently waiting in the wings all this time for its time in my authorial spotlight, is a magic hose.


Since it is a plotline that occurs in a different locale than the rest of the novel, its size, intensity, strength are all variables I can adjust. When I reach that ¾ point in the writing of my mainstream behemoth, I can sit back and objectively look at the novel written so far and see what needs to be added to make the book truly fierce.

Now, the only reason I’m able to do this is because of my “down to the character’s every pore” outline I’ve forced myself to abide by. All the connectors between the major storylines are there just waiting for that magic hose to be attached at the end and “Whammo-ed!” into publishable perfection!

Nope. It wasn’t planned and it probably makes no sense whatsoever to anyone lucky enough to be outside my brain, but this magic hose storyline thing could really catch on…

Hmm, maybe that blimp will be needed after all?

Until tomorrow…

Chloe the Meek Deficient


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