What-Not’s and Waits

stockvault-labrador-dog-sitting-on-bench131002As March has scurried to an end far quicker than I had realized, it is time to scrape together all the little tidbits that have yet to fit in these daily blogs into an ordered list of What-Not’s and Please-Forgive’s. Enjoy the chaos, everyone!

1.) One of my original “Six Brothers” in The Hushing Days manuscript is toying with the chopping block. No, it’s not Leo, the gunsmith. His place is assured simply because I love writing his honey. Miss Fawkes is a veritable hoot to slip into. Alas, young Thackary has eluded me. His role in the carefully scripted drama is minimal, so he would be relatively easy to dismiss… But I do love him so. I will not give the lad up without one heck of a fight.

2.) Baseball season starts Sunday! Cubs fans haven’t seen this kind of excitement for a season to start since, well, last season. Yeah, we’re a little like a pack of Lab puppies always breathlessly excited for their daily walks. Never mind, the raging thunderstorm, the big, scary, garbage truck or the potential that the “Let’s go for a walk!” ploy is simply a method to get us to the vet without messy incident.

3.) Rays fans, on the other hand, are feeling a little adrift this spring. Having lost our manager, GM and a lot of our fan favorites to the reality of small market baseball and the less than fan-friendly confines of the Trop, I think we’re all just floating in limbo-land these days.

4.) Preliminary scouting of my next writing project is going well. Finally. It always takes me a while to find that niche I want to snuggle my muse and I into.

5.) Did I mention that baseball starts in like 5 days!!?… Yeah, I thought I might have noted that.

6.) I’m so far behind in my other penname’s garden blog (“Cora’s Garden”) that it’s really rather criminal. Apologies for that. Slipping on the old, stand-by hair shirt as we speak.

7.) Is it Sunday yet?

Until tomorrow…



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