Ease of Disposal

stockvault-number-5122476Thoughts for this Monday are numbered for easy disposal or speedy tucking away. Enjoy the ride.

1.) Despite all my haughty admonitions to the contrary, I have been skipping out and working on my next book (you know, the one that will be written AFTER The Hushing Days? AFTER being the keyword that keeps getting replaced by DURING. Bad, bad Chloe.) Surprisingly, this is working out quite well for the Hush-meister. The research I’m digging up for the book in the on-deck circle is adding tremendously to the drama currently up to bat, which leads to…

2.) It’s Opening Day! Yes, my Cubbies already played last night but I always consider Opening Day to be the date when all the teams, more or less, get rolling. My Rays will be opening up at the Trop this afternoon. Finally, baseball is back!!

3.) Here’s a researching hint for you. If you’re looking for some dirt on an off-the-wall subject, search doctoral papers. PhD students are phenomenal trivia-hoarders.

4.) Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the new jumbo-screen at Wrigley Field much at all. It seems to fit in really well, which is a real compliment coming from a girl who was very wary of the lights being put up at the park in ’88. (I still say “Day baseball rules!”)

5.) My muse/dog needs a haircut. Badly. I’ve begun the process of emergency trimming. We both hate the process of emergency trimming. All unessential travel to Chloe’s is ill-advised.

And there you have 5 gems of questionable wisdom to bin in the appropriate slot. You’re welcome.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe and the beast


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