A Good Clamber

finger gripI’ve always enjoyed a good clamber.

You know, that awkward scrambling with hands and feet for not only purchase in life but for progress? Yeah, that. There’s a fondness there.

We’re talking love.

*several beats fall as the sarcasm settles*

Or, perhaps, it’s a bit more of a necessity.

A constant necessity.

Heck, it’s an exhausting fact when you’re stuck with my brain and its touchy offshoots of panic, OCD, and anxiety.

Lugging this squirming behemoth of a mental process around day to day freaking demands clambering. And whether I like it or not, I’ve become rather adept at the practice.

But, man, it’s tiring. Especially when all the little extraneous wiggling bits start feeling their oats and begin coordinating. At that point, all clambering turns to clumsy, desperate wrestling and nothing gets done.

Going through a stretch of that right now. So, apologies for my lack of direction today.

*sighs disgustedly*

Yep, I’ve always enjoyed a good clamber. In fact, I’m looking forward to getting back to it really soon.

Until tomorrow…



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