kitchen-03Wisdom escapes me this morning.

Coherency is tucking tail and fleeing too… But my four-legged, furry muse has got it cornered in the foyer. So please ignore all background snarling and snapping as we continue.

As of late, The Hushing Days has been suffering due to my woeful lack of sleep. The daily word count is down to a laughable sputter (i.e. less than 200 words a day). Yes, feel free to wince. I certainly am.

To bolster my ever-teetering literary self-worth, I have been “binge researching” on my next book. (There’s got to be a 12 Step Program somewhere for this.)

At least I am keeping my hand in the creative cookie jar, so to speak. I guess that’s something. Right?

Bottom line: Suffer a dry spell wisely. Do what you can while you wait for the rains.

Until tomorrow…


Post Note: Apologies for the gross and generally untidy mixing of metaphors today. Apparently all literary couth ran away with the wisdom and the spoon.


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