death-head-mothIt’s one of those mornings, dear people, when the blogness simply won’t come.

I’ve tried summoning it in all sorts of manners, including…

1.) Rain dance with my toothy muse… If the sky can churn out weirdness like hail, it should certainly be able to storm up a post. But, alas, no. Dizziness and nausea alone I was able to coax out of the heavens. No help to a hapless blogger at all.

2.) Lighting a candle and placing it in my window… This always works in soap operas to lure back supposedly dead lovers from their “The trick’s on you!” graves.  Again, nothing. (The big, scary moth flapping at my window pane does not count.)

3.) Closing my eyes and wishing really, really hard… Yeah, well, after 2 minutes and 43 seconds were lost to an impromptu nap, this strategy was abandoned. Pity. I really liked this one too.

So, I reluctantly concede defeat today. Put a big, fat check in the Failure column and let’s all try to struggle on with our lives, ok?

May the blogness be with you, my friends. (It certainly isn’t with me.)

Until tomorrow…



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