On the Fly

Skydiver landing.Alright, everyone, we’re facing one of those mornings when not even the tee-tiniest of a kernel of a good blogging idea can be found.

If I was a terribly responsible blogger, I would make a list of subjects to prattle on about on days such as these. A backup collection of post-points I could cannibalize whenever the need arises.

However, I make it a point never to plan ahead for these daily word-fests. Spontaneity, my anorexic ego claims, is the key to this blog’s continued success. I write whatever comes out of my pre-dawn brain in a bold and reckless act of “on the fly.”

Unfortunately, every so often, the old gray matter coughs out nothing but a big, fat dud.

So, boys and girls, let’s welcome this month’s dud to the stage.

Apologies, friends.

Until tomorrow…



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