Stranger in a Strange Land

clothing-image-05Thought I’d share an authorial trick with you this morning. Feel free to try it on, strut its stuff in front of the mirror, perhaps twirl it prettily around while on your tiptoes. Or, of course, you could simply dismiss it altogether as useless fluff, you know like the lint in your front jeans pocket. Your choice, my friend.

When one of your stories has hit a rut and no longer surprises you, reach for the phone book. (I assume most of us still have one or two of those around these I-phone happy days.)

Flip to the white pages, pick a random page, close your eyes and point. Whatever name your finger has landed on is now a new character in your book.


No ifs, ands or buts.

Be it Freddie Finkelhauser or Maisy Dirt, they are in. Now, your job is to find a place for them.

Trust me, it can be terribly fun if you let it.

Whether you add this trick to your repertoire or not, thanks as always for stopping by.

Until tomorrow…



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