Peek Performance

rabbits-04Call off the hounds. I am alive, well and now gloriously 43!

Yep, yesterday was my birthday. In a last minute, terribly selfish decision, a blind eye was turned to everything work related and my daily blog went the way of the poor Dodo.

Sorry about that.

Life separate from the written word is very important. I forget that sometimes. Writers often get so caught up in their literary fogs that they forget to peek outside and see what the world’s been up to while they’ve been away.

Yesterday, I peeked.

Oh, and what wonders did I see! (A Han Solo made of LEGOS; fluffy hills of buttercream frosting; Halloween goodies awaiting their first October! Yeah, wow.)

So, today, I return to the words wearing a buttercream smile upon my face and a fresh year under my belt.

Until tomorrow…



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