The Wizened Coward

stockvault-warning-sign96452Gremlins are running amuck this morning.

One nasty little critter refused to allow me to open up Word. Then, once he finally allowed me in, he tripled every window. Again and again.

Another creepster latched onto my mother’s computer and demanded unspecified tribute for access to the Target Coupon Printer. Promising my first born seemed to work.

The rest of the troublemaking lot are stirring things up in the heavens to the point that twisters are forecast to screw down from the skies this afternoon. Lovely.

While I am momentarily ahead of the fiends and their mischief, I will wrap this post up early.

Sometimes scampering away in fear is preferred to standing and fighting. Remember that, young ones.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe the Wizened Coward


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