The Marginal Squeeze

stockvault-toothbrush-and-toothpaste144987Feeling a bit like a nearly spent toothpaste tube at the moment. Yesterday, after a tremendous amount of unwieldy wrestling, I was able to squeeze out 250 words from the old head.

While it was a sputtering affair, with stops and starts and messes on the mirror, work was done and I was able to actually sleep. (See yesterday’s blog for the nasty particulars.)

In fact, I got some work done on the one character of The Hushing Days with whom I’m still struggling to connect. However, if I have to put in a week of zero writing to come up with a 250 smidgeon of prose the novel is doomed. (I ain’t got that many centuries left in me.)

Oh well. I’m hoping to finagle out a few more hundred words out of the tube before tossing this week’s efforts in the bin. Waste not, want not I always say…

Ok, this post/analogy/daily crack-up is getting a little too strange even for me. Let’s end it while we’re both marginally sane.

Until tomorrow…



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