Buzzardly Echoes

buzzard-02Pardon the flakes of rust all about. I have neither picked up a pen, sat down at a keyboard nor contemplated a single Revolutionary War storyline for a whole week.

My vacation I took quite literally and vacated all work-related areas of mind and body. As a result, my trip to the mountains left me feeling rather hollow with an odd echo in my ill-formed brain. So excuse the flightiness of this my return blog. Rusty echoes are a terrible inconvenience to a train of thought.

To save us both wasted brain cells, the rest of this post will be written in numbered bullet points. Feel free to skip #3 and #6 entirely, they really are useless.

1.) Got two royalty checks while I was gone. The five dollar windfall will go great strides toward buying that McDonald’s value meal I’ve been eyeing.

2.) Read two Archeology magazines from cover to cover up in the cabin. Came up with eleven storylines for novels-to-be. Does this count as work?

3.) Saw a black bear in the woods. The wild, untamed affect was tarnished however by the gaggle of tourists with cameras chasing after the poor thing.

4.) My psyche needs a schedule to retain somewhat normal shape. I had none this week; hence the prickly blobbness of your blogger today.

5.) Despite many opportunities, I did not have to up my Prozac during the back-to-nature outing. I count this as both a triumph and an embarrassment.

6.) A grouping of buzzards is called a “wake.” How and why I learned this on my vacation I’ll leave to your imagination.

Until tomorrow…



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