A Rosabel by Any Other Name

naughty-kids-29The following is a tale of caution.

Yesterday, I sat down to work on The Hushing Days for the first time in over a week, gathered all my scribblings of notes and mountains of research around me and with great relief and a huge goofy grin upon my face took up the life story of Rosabel Starling again until…

*cue the beat of ominous silence*

Fifteen minutes in, I realized there is no Rosabel Starling in The Hushing Days.

Thankfully, there is a Lisabel Starling so I hadn’t suffered some kind of delusional break while traipsing with the buzzards up in the mountains (see yesterday’s post for those messy details). I hadn’t hallucinated a full-blown character out of nowhere. I had simply misremembered a name…

*strike up that dirge-like silent beat again*

The heroine’s name…

The heroine’s name of a novel I’ve been slaving over for the past five months….

The heroine’s name of a novel which has taken over a complete lobe of my brain and at least one chamber of my heart.

*cue the deep breaths*

I have since recovered from this shame. However, I present it to you as ugly proof of the dark side of vacations.

Holiday wisely, my friends.

Until tomorrow…


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