Geek with Tools

stockvault-wrench100066Remember in yesterday’s blog when I compared starting back up on The Hushing Days to a kid standing at the entrance of the world’s best amusement park trying to decide which ride to hop on first?

(If not, don’t worry about it. That about sums the whole thing up without all the extraneous metaphors. *sighs* I do tend to clog things up sometimes. Kind of like now. Sorry. Moving on now.)

Anyhow, instead of heading to the rollercoasters, water rides or even the lazy choo-choo train, the nerd still taking up residence in my soul sent me straight to the technician’s room.

With toolbox full of old, new and possibly useless research in hand, I settled in for some quality time with the one part of the novel requiring the most graphic, historical accuracy.


But a happy geek.

So, bottom line is this. I got no actual writing done yesterday but I did manage a truckload of the all-important framework.

Geek making progress.

Who knows what today will bring in Hushing Days Fun Land!

Until tomorrow…



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