Ducking the Issue

stockvault-rubber-ducks116998*slowly taps the end of the proverbial writer’s pencil on lips*

*sighs as the quandary continues to nag and flitter about at the edges of my literary soul*

*ducks a bright yellow, stuffed duck that the dog/irritated muse has tossed at my head; the admonition to “Get the duck on with it!” implied but not actually voiced*

So, my problem is this… How much historical credit should a historical romance writer give her readers?

My next novel The Hushing Days, as you may well remember, is set during the American Revolution. While the war is familiar to well over 90% of my hoped-for audience, just how cozy should I assume they are with the subject?

Personally, before I drowned myself in research the last year, I could tell you little more than Rebels vs. Redcoats rumbling around 1776. (My days of grade school American history have long since faded, I’m afraid.)

So, now that I know LOTS and LOTS and LOTS about the Revolutionary War, how much of that should I throw at my readers? How much should I assume they already know? How much do I keep to myself?

If you’re looking for an answer, don’t look here. I’m as ignorant as that bright yellow, stuffed duck now plopped down on my lap.

Hence the pencil-tapping.

Hence the rather luckluster and altogether untidy ending to this blog.

Hence another sigh.

Until tomorrow…


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