stockvault-lips-ink169513A recurrence of scope issues today.

Just a little nervous twitch here and there.

Nothing to concern yourself with.


Just move right along…

While I gnaw my bottom lip into a bloody mass of uncertainty!

*plops head down on desk and grunts*

I really, really should be passed this. The Hushing Days is ¾ done. Its storyline has been laid out in LEGO-like scenes for ages now. The characters are rich, full and thriving in my head. This last week of research dealt handily with my last historical concerns.

I should be good.

I should be great.

But what if it’s too big? What if the storyline is too large to fit into one novel, albeit a novel twice the size of my standard book? What if I’ve thrown everything in there but the kitchen sink in hopes of making that first big splash into mainstream fiction? What if the story does nothing more than sink and take me down with it?

*deep breath, deep breath*

Ok, I feel better now.

It’s all out of my system.

Everything is good.

Carry on with your day.

Until tomorrow…


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