Soap Me Up

stockvault--clean135568As the final push to get The Hushing Days over the finish line is beginning, I must constantly stop myself from going all surgical.

Yes, all surgical.

Let me explain.

Now that I’m all prepped with the last dredges of research under my arm and a brand new, big, red chair under my bottom, the desire for an otherwise sterile environment is keen (i.e. creepy as all get out).

Thankfully, I’m talking metaphorically here. The hygienic-kink many of us OCD’ers face, I have luckily avoided… So far… Best not to think about it, or the germs, or the… Never mind. Moving on.

I just find myself being very careful what I expose my mind to these days. It’s like I’m a doctor all scrubbed up for surgery who knows group hugging the visiting second graders would be a poor idea. Sterile common sense, you understand.

For example, all historical movies based in America prior to the Civil War are banned from my television. Particularly off limits are two of my favorite movies, “The Gangs of New York” and “The Crucible.” It’s a sad, sad day when I must turn away Daniel Day-Lewis in any guise.

*sighs, contemplates the entirety of this post and shakes head*

Really, people, does it get much more weirder than me?

Apologies for this hiccup of insanity.

Until tomorrow…


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