Uncomfortable Corners

-- building interior decorated with virtual blocks of ice
— building interior decorated with virtual blocks of ice

Ok, let’s cough up some honesty here.

About 16 months ago I joined the Romance Writers Association (RWA) because it was prudent career strategy. Not only are connections made between writers, agents and publishers (a very good thing), membership provides you with some hip-pocket heft if you get into a rumble with an iffy publishing house.

I did not, however, join it for their magazine, which arrives in my mailbox every month and until yesterday had remained untouched in a growing pile on my desk. (Mind gremlins in their finest fiddle.)

Yesterday, I wrestled the panic minions temporarily to the ground to finally have a look.

*soaks in the spattering of applause and smiles*

My opinion on the publication is two-fold and utterly meaningless. But here it goes nonetheless.

First, it is a well-done magazine with loads of information for the newbie romance writer and self-publisher. Bravo.

Second, I’m a square peg in a world of round holes. Not that this is news, but it did become blaringly clear reading through the author bios and opinions and even the advertisements.

Bottom line: I’m glad I peeked and will peek again, but my square edges are showing and feeling kind of itchy.

Until tomorrow…



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