The Flagrant


*with penitent pout firmly in place, drops a bright yellow flag at my own feet*

A flagrant foul of the daily blogger’s code was committed yesterday, and I was the fouler. Not only did I not post, I did not post for any good reason, i.e….

1.) Tornadoes were not corkscrewing down from the late spring skies. (True story. April 2011, to be exact.)

2.) Electricity was not lost due to the poorly planned antics of mating squirrels. (Ridiculous but true. North Alabama, 2015.)

3.) Rollercoasters were not ridden in reckless abandon. (Guilty pleas in Septembers of both 2013 and 2014.)

No, there’s not a single sound excuse I can give for my failure to blog yesterday.

I am sorry.

*picks flag up and stuffs it back into a pocket, as it will no doubt be used again*

Tomorrow, June 1st, the final push to the end of The Hushing Days begins.

Thirty days.

25K words.

I’ll see you there.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe, the Flagrant

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