The Pedal to the Metal

stockvault-speed-of-light150966Reached a bit of a milestone yesterday.

Thought about throwing a party, inviting a few of the local cats over to give my four-legged muse a thrill, but decided against it.

With so much work left to be done on The Hushing Days in this final month of its “production,” celebrating passing a checkpoint really sounded absurd. (Besides the cats were being ornery and demanding fresh squirrel meat as party favors. How gauche.)

So, instead I would like to simply announce the following… The Hushing Days has officially become my longest work ever!

I blew by my previous record with a grin upon my face, my dog’s head out the window and my foot firmly down on the pedal. It was fantastic!

Now, with a grateful nod and a decided lack of squirrel parts littering things up, I hereby bring this celebration to an end.

Until tomorrow…



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