stockvault-longhorn-bull-rider137933Roundup time!

*four-legged, furry muse looks at me and emotes quite clearly, “Put a cowboy hat on me, and I’ll gnaw off your toes.”*

Let’s bypass all the old western allusions, shall we? Yes, I think that would be best.

So, here’s a collection of tidbits that didn’t make this week’s blogs. Enjoy!

1.) I’ve met my word quota every day this week! With only 23 days left to finish up The Hushing Days, I am surprisingly right on track to do just that. Jaw-dropper, ain’t it?

2.) I’m feeling kind of sad all the research on the book is really, really done. I think my geek is showing.

3.) My new, big, red chair in my study is working out splendidly. Curled up in that cushioned behemoth of luxury, my writing mind soars! Seriously, I’ve been getting double the word output per hour this week. Why, oh why, didn’t I do this sooner?

4.) The muse also loves the chair. The aircraft carrier-sized ottoman is hers alone. A blanket and one of her afghans have already made it up on to the S.S. Hassock. I’m expecting a pillow to show up by mid-week.

5.) I was NOT going to put a cowboy hat on the dog… I was thinking more in the line of spurs.

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

Until tomorrow…



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