stockvault-high-voltage-sign150320Delayed reaction to my show of guts on Friday is occurring.

Apparently, posterchilds for severe panic disorders are not supposed to spit in the eyes of Fate by joining a gym without repercussions. *sighs*

Last night, my dear brain went a little haywire. There were no sparks involved. Nothing between the ears began to smoke or burn. No emergency protocols were put into place, but…

Crap, it was unpleasant.

Not about to let a little brain revolt knock me down for the count, however.

Today, The Hushing Days will continue to roar to its planned completion at month’s end.

Today, I will grocery store myself with aplomb and only occasional tremors.

And tomorrow, I will march into that gym and show the world what a freaking posterchild can do.

Until tomorrow…



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