The Puppeteer’s Jinx

stockvault-ball-of-yarn161186Perhaps… just maybe… I might have finally gotten a hold on Brone.

*quickly crosses fingers in hopes that I’ve not just jinxed it*

Brone, the one character of The Hushing Days who I’ve just not been able to get a grasp on, was tackled yesterday, wrestled down to the ground, and unceremoniously strung up with my puppeteer strings.



Have no doubt that an author is simply a master puppeteer. You’ve got to have your hooks well sunk in every extremity of your characters to give the audience a truly virtuoso performance.

One loose leg, one floppy arm and the whole puppet show goes to pot.


Been there, done that.

But not this time, baby! The unruly Brone has been well and truly hooked (maybe, perhaps, hopefully) and the final curtain on the novel can now be readied!…

As long as I haven’t just jinxed it.

Until tomorrow…


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