stockvault-toy-poodle109666In an act of pure irrationality, my work on the second draft of The Hushing Days has begun with Chapter Seventeen.


Yeah, a real head-scratcher, that one.

Maybe it’s because Seventeen is a Brone-heavy chapter? And since I’ve been sweating over the guy for the last few weeks, it’s only natural to first dive into familiar waters. (Catch the mixed metaphor there? I’m feeling naughty this morning.)


Maybe it’s because the one left-to-do scene in the entire novel sits in the middle of Seventeen? And since I’m a tenacious little kook with yappy dog-like tendencies I’m not letting go of my rawhide bone until I’ve digested the WHOLE thing.


Maybe it’s because I’ve always had a “thing” for the number “17”? It’s as good a reason as any, I suppose.

Who knows?

Bottom line: Go with what works for you no matter why it works for you.

Until tomorrow…


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