Emptying Out the Old Pockets

stockvault-jeans127188As the Fourth of July holiday is upon us, it is time to empty your good blogger’s pockets and see what posting tidbits are lying about with the pennies and the lint.


1.) Now that The Hushing Days is sitting in a big pile of unruly papers on my table, I’m finding it harder and harder to work. Apparently, my chronic panic disorder does not take kindly to the physicality of sheets with words. When the nerves hit, my meds kick in and flood my brain. Sleep follows soon thereafter, after which I awake ready to tackle the towering pile of paper and… *sighs*… It’s a vicious cycle that nobody bothered to put on a warning label.

2.) The “Chloe Does the Gym” experiment is going spectacularly well. Five days a week for the last three weeks, I’ve gone and worked out for over an hour. I’ve cardio-ed myself into fine, fighting form and my muscles have gotten very cheery. I’m sure I look very svelte sleeping off the Prozac on my couch.

3.) I don’t particularly enjoy the Fourth of July. It’s loud, startling and people insist on barbecuing everything. Give me a microwave, a hot dog and 36 seconds and this girl is happy, no grill required.

4.) After only three posting tidbits, I’ve grown pocket-weary. Perhaps a nap is in order?

Until tomorrow…


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