Grunt Work Ahead

stockvault-shovel132596Arrogance required.

It’s a fact. An ugly one, but a fact.

Being a published writer necessitates a certain level of “I’m hot, and I know it.”

I hate that.

It’s not natural for me. While I am very confident in my abilities, while I know my creativity can kick butt, while I’m quite aware that my fondling of words can lead to orgasmic results, I despise having to say that out loud to potential publishers.

I despise it.

I loathe it.

Ok, I choke on it until projectile vomiting is involved.

But, you know what? I do it.


Because it’s what is required for the job.

Remember, fresh authors, that being a professional writer is a job. It might be an escape. It might be a good time just waiting to happen. It might be splendid fun. But, it’s also work with bosses, regulations, pay grades and annoying co-workers.

Don’t walk into the career blind. Know what to expect. Know what you’ll have to do to succeed in it. But, above all, know that you can do it… even if a little projectile vomiting is required.

Until tomorrow…



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