The Diagnostic Dialogue

Science BackgroundAfter running a complete diagnostic on each of The Hushing Days twenty chapters, I am ready to put down the cold objectivity and reach again for the creativity!

Every scene in every chapter has been heartlessly evaluated for its completeness, its right of place and its functionality as part of the whole. Weeded out thus, each scene was then tagged with…

a.) a check mark… (“You’re good to go. On to the Final Draft for you, my friend!”)

b.) a terse but polite note to please “Fill In”… (“Well, now, aren’t you the slacker? Get your fleshless bones back in line, mister! We’ve still got some meat to put on your butt.”)


c.) the dreaded “Add”… (“You should be ashamed of yourself! Where the heck is your head? Where are your feet? What the crap happened to your torso? You’re so full of holes, I’m ashamed to even be in your presence.”)

Yes, now that that delightful part of the process is done, I can get to the business of fixing things.

Thank goodness.

Until tomorrow…


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