Narrowing the Spotlight

stockvault-ali-haider107803A long time ago, in a galaxy no larger than my couch, I tried my darnedest to write a synopsis for The Hushing Days.

Now this wasn’t going to be any old run-of-the-mill, humdrum synopsis either. Oh, no. It was going to be masterful.

I researched and studied and researched a little bit more about how to write a smashing good two page blow-by-blow of my first mainstream historic romance.

The problem emerged early on.

Every pundit, every writer, every know-it-all who had bothered to write a guide to synopsis-penning asked for a lead character.

Yeah, well, since my book is an ensemble affair with a handful of fine characters who all wanted to take the lead, I was stuck.

Eventually, after trying to stretch the one lead formula over my whole gang, I bit the bullet and chose one couple as my lead. (Yes, I know, that’s still technically two people, but I’m ornery.)

Needless to say that didn’t work either, and I ended up tossing the whole synopsis idea in favor of a detailed chapter outline to pitch to my agent.

It worked and, a year later, here we are on the homestretch.

But the funny thing is that the couple I chose (with great and tortuous thought, mind you) to take the lead are far from center stage in the soon-to-be complete The Hushing Days. They’re a good level or two above supporting, but they are hardly on the marquee.

Bottom line… Let the novel take you where it will, and when it’s all done, the story will cast its own lead.

Until tomorrow…



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