Understudy, Please

stockvault-theater-128363At this point, I’d like to call on my understudy to finish things up.

Retiring to the wings while others have a go at The Hushing Days sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Relatively speaking, there’s so little left to be actually written on the thing that I really shouldn’t be bothered with such trivialities.

Me and my overtaxed muse will just sit right here and munch on some Pringles while all the loose ends are either tied up or whacked off.

Perhaps we’ll even nod off as the dozen or so missing connecting scenes are fleshed out of thin air? After all, the flow and cohesiveness of a novel is highly overrated. Bumps and the holes in the narrative are exciting. They keep the reader awake. A nervous, uncomfortable audience is always a fine thing with a sweeping romance.

So, please, carry on with the next two weeks of work, and let me know when the royalty checks start rolling in.

If only.


Until tomorrow…



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